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Maximize Profit & Operate a Successful Business


Maximize Profit & Operate a Successful Business

May 29, 2018
Tanishia Stokes
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21 Principles For Maximizing Profit & Operating a Successful Business

  1. Create a Business Plan
  2. Employ an Efficient Staff
  3. Maintain a Modern & Professional Business Image
  4. Utilize Professional Services
  5. Start Early & Promptly
  6. Be Prepared and Available for Change
  7. Be Diligent
  8. Seek Wisdom & Counsel
  9. Stay Well-Informed
  10. Be a Good Financial Manager
  11. Maintain an Efficient Office
  12. Keep an Open Line of Communication with Staff
  13. Respond Promptly
  14. Give All Clients and Customers the Attention They Deserve
  15. The Bump – Be Courteous
  16. Serve Your Clients and Customers
  17. Remain in Good Standing with Creditors
  18. Terminate Products and Services That Are No Longer Efficient
  19. Pay Yourself and Employees Well
  20. Show Appreciation and Gratitude
  21. Give Back to the Community
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