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Business Organization


Business Organization

Creating and Maintaining Prosperous Business Organizations

Choosing an organizational entity should start with assessing your goals. The Law office of T. Findlay Stokes will provide guidance for new or reorganizing businesses that focuses on achieving business and tax planning goals successfully. Attorney Tanishia Stokes and her staff have the experience and in-depth knowledge regarding all facets of business law. Using this experience, they approach business formation with an eye to helping clients build functional, flexible operations plans.

The Law Office of T. Findlay Stokes P.A. offers their clients an integrated approach to entity formation, taking into account growth, risk mitigation and tax implications. Individuals or groups interested in starting or expanding an existing business are invited to contact the firm by e-mail or call 954-986-1778 to schedule a private consultation.

Taxes and Liability

When making a decision about what would be the most advantageous business entity, your attorney will advise you of the benefits and drawbacks, and help you make a decision based on your specific needs. Things to consider include whether it is better for your business to have taxation at the corporate or shareholder level, and what kind of risk are you willing to assume? Your lawyer can help you decide which entity will work best for you:

  • Sole Proprietorship – the simplest form of organizational entity in which all liabilities are the sole responsibility of the proprietor, and all losses and profits are reported on their personal income tax
  • General Partnership –similar to a sole proprietorship, but with two or more owners
  • LLCs (Limited Liability Companies) – one of the most popular choices of entity, it offers tax advantages while limiting personal investor and owner liability
  • S-Corporation – the shareholders, not the entity, are taxed
  • C-Corporation – a more complex structure in which both the entity and the owners are taxed on the profits of the corporations

Contact a Law Firm Committed to Serving Your Needs

To schedule a private consultation or for more information on the business organization legal services provided by the Law Office of T. Findlay Stokes, P.A, please contact us by email or call 954-986-1778.

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