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Important tips to keep in mind before executing a Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase (Part 1)


Important tips to keep in mind before executing a Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase (Part 1)

June 16, 2015
Tanishia Stokes
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In this post we will provide a brief review of the Residential Contract for Sale and Purchase Form that has been approved by both the Florida Realtors and The Florida Bar Associations.

It can be found at this link. http://www.nat.com/Find-an-Office/Florida/Forms-Documents/2013-Residential-Contract-For-Sale-And-Purchase.aspx

If you have any in-depth questions regarding this topic, you should seek the advice of an attorney or schedule a consultation with an attorney at our office.

Part 1: Parties and Property Description ( Section 1)


At the beginning of every contract is the designation of the parties to the contract. It is very important that the Seller and Buyer are identified by their legal names. This is usually the name present on the person’s ID or driver’s license.

Property Description:

The property description is also a very important part of the contract. It must indicate the correct address of the property, the county, the Real Property Tax ID number, and the legal description of the property. To obtain the correct address, check the Deed of the property. This is also true for the legal description. It is imperative that the correct address and legal description is placed in this section. The Real Property Tax ID number can be found at the Property Appraisers website of the county the property is located.

Check back for more tips!

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