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Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

In the field of criminal defense the Law office of T. Findlay Stokes represents clients in cases such as assault, battery, theft, sexual crimes, traffic criminal offense, possession drugs, fraud, sealing and expungement, misdemeanors and felonies to mention a few.

The Law office of T. Findlay Stokes have also assisted their clients outside of the state of Florida by associating with and providing legal representation with attorneys in other states.

Key Constitutional Rights

  • Right to representation (attorney or counsel)
  • Right to confront and cross-examine witnesses
  • Right to testify
  • Right to remain silent
  • Right to a fair and speedy trial
  • Right to use the subpoena power of the court to compel witnesses to testify
  • In most cases, the right to a jury trial
  • Right to be presumed innocent


The Process of a Criminal Case:


(Lower Court)
Arraignment Arraignment
Bail decision Bail decision
Identification of defendant Identification of defendant
Ascertaining charges Ascertaining Charges
Confirming attorney of record Confirming attorney of record
Pre-Trial Conference (one or more) Pre-Preliminary Hearing
Negotiating a plea Negotiating a plea
Identification of issues Identifying issues
Identifying witnesses Identifying witnesses
Identifying  strengths / weaknesses Identifying strengths/weaknesses
Trial (judge or jury) Preliminary Hearing
Making pre-trial motions
Deciding issues of fact
Probable cause that crime was committed and defendant was the one who committed it
Sentencing (Upper Court)
Imposition of sentence by judge after defendant has been convicted Arraignment
Bail decision
Appeal Identification of defendant
A higher court may change the lower court’s decision. Ascertaining charges
Confirming attorney of record
Under some circumstances, the
criminal record may be sealed
Pre-Trial Conference
Negotiating a plea
Identifying issues
Identifying witnesses
Identifying strengths/weaknesses
Pre-trial motions
Deciding issues of fact
Sentence imposed by judge after the defendant has been convicted
A higher court may change the lower court’s decision
The criminal record may be sealed
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